Hi, we are robin heat.

A multi-product startup with

a well oiled team.

based in

Product concept

From first idea to ready-to-implement product.

Design and Branding

Everything from Product naming and corporate identity to user stories and mockups with the target group in mind.

Software Development abstract icon

Software development

Cost efficient tech stack and the industries hottest practices.

Iterative feature development

Agile and lean from MVP to ready-to-scale product with the metrics in focus.

Basically, we cover everything a digital startup product needs.
Last project
mx tickets mobile screens

Motocross Ticketing Platform

Motocross clubs love this product. MX Tickets reduces approximately 80% of work regarding training registration and related administrative work with easing the finance accounting part.

Motocross teams and drivers enjoy one platform where they can organize their training.

We built and designed the product lean and agile in close contact with early adopters and users. From the first idea to the ready to scale state. With love, of course.

MX Tickets admin screen mockup
Tech we Love

We enjoy type safety and using the same programming language for front- and backend.


Snappy SPAs with battle tested state handling and a big community.


Similar to web-stack and easy multi platform deployment with Expo.


Cross-platform desktop applications with the same technology stack we use for the web.


NoSQL Databases, serverless architecture, easy authentication and all the goodies a dev heart enjoys.

MX Tickets Motocross Ticketing Platform
MX Tickets

Practice ticket shop and social media for motocross.

- React single page app
- Firebase serverless backend
- Firestore NoSQL Database
- Stripe payment handling for marketplaces

seal website screenshot

Wallet to wallet Web3 Messenger. Secured with end-to-end encryption.

- React single page app
- Blockchain as backend
- Web3.js middleware
- Diffie–Hellman key exchange

Gentastic DNA Analysis Report

Electron based PDF generator app for well designed nutrigenetic DNA analysis reports.

- Processing data from laboratory database
- Crisp PDF design using HTML/CSS

oetzi website and shop screens

Insulated outdoor mugs.

- Marketing website with Gatsby.js
- Logo design



Agile product development for quick responses to user and market needs.


Keeping everything slick, inspired by The Lean Startup.

Continuous Integration

Everything automatically tested and deployed to production. Several times a day.


Take responsibility and follow goals, one by one.

alex image

Alexander Droßel

Master of Science, Physics and Computational Neuroscience
Germany, Hamburg
Full Stack Engineer with focus on serverless backend applications.
yasin image

Yasin Güzeldal

Bachelor of Arts, Visual Communication Design
Türkiye, Mugla
Software engineer and user-centred product designer.
vinni image

Vincent Gallwitz

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Germany, Düsseldorf
Sales and customer success manager with business management background.
armand image

Armand Zohari

USA, Los Angeles
Mastermind with extensive experience in growing and maintaining successful SAAS products. Mentoring the herd.

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